Eurocargo 4X4


When you need a medium duty truck with serious off-road ability, it’s difficult to go past the Eurocargo 4×4.  The Eurocargo 4×4 is capable of handling the toughest jobs over the most challenging terrain with surprising agility for a vehicle of its size and load capacity (15 tonnes GVM).

The Eurocargo 4×4 is equipped with many useful features resulting in excellent off-road performance.  A full-time 4×4 system, hub reduction and front and rear differential locks provide the traction, gearing and agility to negotiate demanding off-road conditions.  Power comes courtesy of Iveco’s proven Tector engine and coupled to a ZF 6-speed manual transmission delivers superior driveability both on and off the black top.

The Eurocargo 4×4 is ideal for use in applications such as:

  • off road maintenance
  • construction
  • crane truck
  • emergency services
  • elevated work platforms
  • support vehicle in mining and forestry

The Eurocargo 4×4 stands out for its qualities of robustness and durability, as well as its manoeuvrability off-road. Its been designed to thrive in the toughest off-road conditions and incorporates carefully thoughtout structural protection systems, including a higher chassis, steel bumper, retractable access steps, special radiator guard, retractable rear under-run protection bar and standard headlight protection grills.  All these features add to the vehicle’s reliability while reducing whole of life costing.

The Eurocargo is ideal for use in the following applications:

  • off road maintenance
  • construction
  • crane truck
  • elevated work platforms
  • emergency services
  • support vehicle in mining and forestry



ML150 – 4X4
  • Day Cab or Sleeper Cab
  • 3.915 m/1.358 m or
  • 4.150 m/1.935 m
  • Tector F4A E28 5.9 Litre Euro 5
  • 279 hp/950 Nm
  • ZF 6 speed manual synchromesh
  • 5.72:1
  • Front: Multileaf Springs
  • Rear: Multileaf Springs
  • Up to 15 tonnes/Up to 15 tonnes
  • 2 options
  • 1 x 25 L

The Eurocargo 4×4 is powered by the turbocharged and intercooled Iveco Tector F4A E28 5.9 litre, 6 cylinder diesel engine. The engine delivers an impressive 279hp and up to 950Nm of torque available from a low 1,200rpm ensuring great crawling ability. Transferring this power to the axles is the ZF 6-speed manual synchromesh transmission.

The Iveco Tector engine is fitted with Selective Catalytic Reduction technology in order to meet ADR 80/03 emissions standards. This technology not only reduces the impact of exhaust gases on the environment but also reduces the amount of fuel consumed by the engine.

Thanks to the Tector Common Rail turbocharged engine with waste-gate, the Eurocargo 4×4 delivers endless torque, while still maintaing excellent fuel economy. The Tector engine range is low weight, requires less frequent maintenance and guarantees greater reliability for the customer. The range of Tector engines has:

  • superior torque to displacement ratio
  • greater flexibility as maximum torque is available at low rpm (as low as 1,200rpm) and is constant over a wide rev range
  • smooth running engine which means fewer gear changes and greater efficiency
  • reduced operating costs, with oil change intervals of up to 80,000km for engine oil and 300,000km for transmission oil (intervals vary depending on application).

The latest 6-speed ZF manual transmission is ideally matched to the Tector powerplant and is equipped with servoshift systems to guarantee ease of engagement, even in the most difficult off-road conditions. The transmission is combined with push type clutches and with electronically activated power take-offs (max torque 1,000Nm) available as an option.

On all Eurocargo engines an exhaust brake is standard, with a butterfly valve in the exhaust manifold. This valve creates exhaust gas back-pressure which slows down the engine revolutions and increases braking power on steep declines, reducing the use of the service brakes and reducing brake wear. The mode of operation can be either on application of the footbrake or when lifting off the accelerator, and this can be selected by the driver.

Permanent four wheel drive is achieved by the centre differential, which is designed to distribute torque to both the front and rear axles. The driver can select a fast or slow ratio based on the vehicle’s operating conditions (on / off road). Front, centre and rear differentials are equipped with manually activated diff locks as standard equipment to guarantee traction, even in particularly difficult and slippery conditions. The Eurocargo 4×4 is equipped with a double reduction steering axle and is available in twin and single wheel configurations.

As with its road going counterpart, the 4×4 Eurocargo cab is known for its superior ergonomics and high levels of driver comfort features, lessening the impact on the driver and passengers after spending extended periods traversing tough terrain. Key cabin features include:

  • superior cab soundproofing
  • ISRI air suspended driver’s seat
  • a 470mm steering wheel with adjustable steering column
  • multiple, easy access high capacity storage compartments
  • easy cross cab access with dash mounted gear lever, low engine tunnel and a conveniently positioned park brake control
  • increased visibility with 6 external mirrors
  • sleeper or day cab

The Eurocargo 4×4 utilises a strong, high tensile steel chassis which is completely flat and free from obstructions, this allows easy fitment of a wide variety of bodies. The highly flexible galvanised steel cab – resistant to knocks, wear and tear, and corrosion – makes the cab of the Eurocargo 4×4 not only highly reliable structurally, but also a safe and protected environment for the driver and passengers.

Soaking up the bumps and undulations are multileaf springs with dual action hydraulic shock absorbers, the suspension on the Eurocargo 4×4 is sure footed while still maintaining agility and responsiveness. The front axle has a load capacity of 5.7 tonnes and the rear axle has a capacity of 10 tonnes.